TREK OF THE MUTANTS – 6 episodes mini series


A 2017 Tencent production Inspired by MONKEY KING combining Chinese Kungfu, Oriental Religions and Epic Fantasy telling the story of a young monk’s journey on his quest to seek the truth of good and evil.

Synopsis: 1500 years ago, King of the Mutants planned to rid the world go human race by utilizing the power of Magic Jade. By swallowing the Magic Jade, the Young Monk survived the massacre. However, due to the uncontrollable spirit inside the Magic Jade, the Young Monk began a journey together with Bounty Hunters in order to save his own life and his followers.

Executive producer: Yu Ding
Writer: Wuming Zuo, Haitao Yang, Congcong Li, Yu Ding

Director: Yu Hui (Teenage Passion; Would you Kill Your Best Friend)
Stars: Can Cui (Ip Man 3), Bin Luo (The Journey), Lei Yang (Sunshine Pie; Cupid’s Arrow) Genre:Action, Fantasy
Running Time: 6 X 60mins
Completion Date: August 2017