Immortal Hero

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Based upon true events, “Immortal Hero” is a dramatic, inspiring account of how Ryuho Okawa, teacher, healer, best-selling international author and visionary spiritual leader came to recognize his miraculous abilities and the obligation they carry to share the truth with the world.

Synopsis: Makoto Mioya, a highly successful Japanese author and publisher, has a life-threatening, near-death experience. Powerful spiritual beings with whom he has communicated most of his adult life visit Makoto to remind him he has the power within to heal himself. Reborn, Makoto commits his life to sharing the almighty wisdom he receives from the spiritual realm. As doubters, including some of his own family, challenge and question his new-found ardor, Makoto must find a way to connect with his family and the ‘family of man’ to inspire a better world.

Executive Producer / Original Story: Ryuho Okawa

Director:Hiroshi Akabane

Screenplay:Sayaka Okawa

Cast:Hisaaki Takeuchi, Kei Kinoshita, Tamao Sato, Takafumi Suto, Shio Abe, Yoshiko Sengen

Genre: Inspirational Drama

Running time:118min

Status: Completed