PFG Additional Titles

A Slipping Down Life


Guy Pearce (Winged Creatures, Death Defying Acts, First Snow, Factory Girl, The Time Machine, Memento) gives another amazing performance as a seductive musician whose newfound success becomes dependent on the obsessive infatuation of a devoted fan portrayed by Lili Taylor (Public Enemies, The Promotion, The Notorious Bettie Page, HBO’s Six Feet Under, The Haunting, High Fidelity).

U.S. release by Lionsgate.

Wooly Boys

Adventure Comedy

It’s family friendly fun when a city-bred teenager gets caught up in a series of misadventures after being “kidnapped” by his sheep rancher grandfather.

Starring Peter Fonda (Ghost Rider, 3:10 to Yuma, Ulee’s Gold), Kris Kristofferson (He’s Just Not That Into You, Fast Food Nation, Blade, Planet Of The Apes), Keith Carradine (The Death and Life of Bobby Z, HBO’s Deadwood, Wild Bill), and Joseph Mazzello (The Sensation of Sight, Raising Helen, Jurassic Park I & II).

U.S release  by Lionsgate.



Starring Dolph Lundgren (Universal Soldier, Rocky IV). After winning the Olympic gold medal in the Pentathlon, East German Eric Brogar escapes to freedom in the United States, causing his former coach to vow revenge. When Eric’s sadistic ex-coach finds him, he is caught in a deadly game, fighting for his life.

U.S. release by Lionsgate.

Partners in Crime


Starring Rutger Hauer (Batman Begins, Blade Runner, Nighthawks, Buffy the Vampire Slayer) and Paulina Porizkova (Supermodel, Wedding Bell Blues, Anna).  FBI involvement in the investigation of an apparent kidnapping in a small town leads to resentment among the local authorities and suspicion of their lead detective. 

U.S. release by Lionsgate.

Come As You Are

Romantic Comedy

Eight old college friends…three bizarre days…one embarrassing secret… After going from class nerd to millionaire in a few short years, Craig Dowd tries desperately to keep his college friends from finding out what kind of on-line business he really runs.  Starring James Russo (Shut Up and Shoot!, Donnie Brasco, The Postman), Michelle Harrison (The Invisible, Capote), Maury Sterling (Fractalus, Smokin' Aces), Bobbi Sue Luther (Parental Guidance Suggested, Deuce Bigelow European Gigolo). 

U.S. Release by Starz Home Entertainment.

Back in Business


Starring Brian Bosworth (The Longest Yard, Stone Cold, One Man’s Justice) and Joe Torry (Motives, Lockdown, Poetic Justice)..  An ex-cop gets drawn into shootouts and car chases by his best friend and former partner as they once again fight the battle of good against evil. 

U.S. release by HBO/Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.



Screened at Sundance 1996, the 1996 Gijon International Film Festival, 1996 Sydney Film Festival, 1996 Munich Film Festival, and 1997 Goteborg Film Festival. The critically acclaimed rockumentary about the Seattle music scene, featuring Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Nirvana and other “grunge” artists who have made their mark on today’s pop culture.

U.S. release by Lionsgate.



What if your beautiful wife needed a transplant to stay alive, but no legitimate donor could be found in time? How far would you go to save her? Luke Perry (Beverly Hills 90210, The Fifth Element) and Francie Swift (The Good Wife, Gossip Girl) star in this riveting psychological thriller.

U.S. release by First Look & Showtime

Route 9


Starring Kyle MacLachlan (Northfork, Me Without You, Hamlet, HBO’s Sex and the City), Peter Coyote (A Walk to Remember, Femme Fatale, A Little Trip to Heaven), Roma Maffia (F/X Network’s Nip/Tuck, Holes, I am Sam), Miguel Sandoval (TV’s Medium, Puerto Vallarta Squeeze, Get Shorty), Amy Locane (TV’s Melrose Place, Carried Away, Going All the Way) and Wade Williams (TV’s Prison Break, Collateral, Erin Brockovich).  Directed by David Mackay (The Lesser Evil).  Two small town deputies are confronted with the unforeseen consequences of trying to conceal over $1 Million in seemingly untraceable drug money.

U.S. release by HBO/Lionsgate.

Sasha’s Riddle


Screened at the 1997 Film Festival Ragazzi Bellinzona, 1997 International Kinder Film Festival Vienna,  and 1997 Giffoni Film Festival. In the tradition of My Life as a Dog; Au Revoir, Les Enfants; and Hope and Glory a charming story of a precocious ten-year-old boy’s search for the truth behind the loss of his mother.  Comedic and poignant, “Sasha’s Riddle” reveals both the innocence and complexity of the often confusing nature of childhood.

Seven Girlfriends

Romantic Comedy

It’s hard to be “Mr. Right”; just ask his girlfriends!  Starring Tim Daly (TV’s The Nine, TV’s Wings, Object of My Affection, The Associate), Laura Leighton (TV’s Beverly Hills 90210, TV’s Melrose Place), Olivia d’Abo (Point of No Return, It Had To Be You, Soccer Dog: The Movie), Mimi Rogers (Austin Powers, The Mirror Has Two Faces), Jami Gertz (Twister, Less Than Zero), and Elizabeth Pena (Transamerica, Rush Hour, Lone Star).

U.S release by Lionsgate.



This Universal UK release depicts a stylized London underworld where deception and intimidation are 24/7 and betrayal is the only way out.  Starring Adrian Dunbar (The General, The Crying Game), Andrew Howard (Band of Brothers), Louis Dempsey (Stones In Their Pockets), Gerard Butler (300, The Ugly Truth, How to Train your Dragon) and Melanie Lynskey (Sweet Home Alabama, Heavenly Creatures, Coyote Ugly).

U.S. release by Lionsgate.