Deepak Chopra: How to Know God

From the Inspirational Best-Selling Book by Deepak Chopra Comes a Powerful New Film

Are we here by accident or is there a Creator or Divine Force that is behind our existence? Does God exist? Does God care about us? Where do we find God?

Deepak Chopra: How to Know God

From the banks of the Ganges River in India to the Great Pyramids of Egypt, Deepak Chopra takes us on a breathtaking visual and philosophical journey where he investigates the meaning of creation, miracles, immortality and of existence itself. Uniquely blending science and philosophy, Chopra offers such an inspiring approach in spiritual thinking that any viewer, regardless of faith, can undergo a profound quest “to know God”.

“How to Know God” explores mysticism, as the inner experience of God. Chopra believes that we resist God as an inner phenomenon and are taught to fear God or experience God as separate from us. In the film, he asks “After centuries of knowing God through faith are we ready to understand the infinite intelligence of God directly?”

Chopra draws upon ancient wisdom and clues from modern day scientists for understanding the nature of our Soul’s origin, He explains the role of mythology, religion and science as very different ways of trying to decode the universe and he uncovers the Quantum “mirage” that is creation through an exploration of Einstein theories of time and space and quantum physics.

Uplifting and insightful “How to Know God” offers stunning visuals, special effects and exotic locations, as well as, Madonna lending “Om Shanti” to the film’s soundtrack. Viewers will delve into a veritable theater of the mind and transformational journey towards the self, an inner passage of realization that “God is everywhere including within You”.

Produced by Mallika Chopra, Gotham Chopra, Ron Frank. Directed by Ron Frank.