Mind Over Science


Impossible cases such as spinal cord injury, severe brain trauma and stroke victims achieve miraculous results using Hratch Ogali’s teachings. For twelve years, he fought for conventional medicine to listen.  He was ignored…until now.

Top Spinal Injury Consultant Allison Graham attends his clinic and states “Science only goes so far, he is achieving results that we are not.”  Is our mind really more powerful than medical science, or is it about both working in unison to create the well needed change in our medical system?

You will never walk again!,” states Conventional Medicine.
You will walk again!,” states Hratch Ogali.
How? Simply by utilizing the power of your own mind.

Mind over science presents the facts. You decide.

Produced by Purrfect Pictures
Directed by Lisa Whelan

Website: http://www.mindoverscience.co.uk

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